Horwich RMI Band

 Re-established 2016

Horwich RMI Band


 Champions of  Great Britain 1922​

The world of brass music is abuzz with the greatly received news that a famous name has re-formed and hopefully about to steam it's way up through the rankings.

The project is being led by Andrea Moss of Horwich, herself an accomplished musician and a prominent figure in brass band circles. She is in fact, the Great Grand daughter of famous Musician and Composer Harold Moss, known for popular tunes such as `The Nightingale` and `The Joker`.

This is a fantastic opportunity to re-form a famous name in brass music. Not only can we draw on a wealth of experience and nostalgia which remains in the area, we have the potential to pull together a highly talented band of musicians. We would like to take the opportunity to invite anyone with an interest in brass music and the heritage of the Horwich RMI to contact us.
Our first (successful) concert was held on Monday 4th July in the Aspinall Suite of Horwich RMI - the first of many stations on an exciting new journey.


The first verse played by the original Horwich RMI Band, recorded almost a century ago.

The 2016 band takes over to complete the recording. An appropriate handover from old to new.


The original Horwich RMI (Railway Mechanics Institute) Band was established in 1912 by George Hughes. The idea was to recruit from Railway employees but only one member of the old Lancashire and Yorkshire Band passed the audition. The other members were therefore recruited from the Black Dyke, Irwell Springs and Foden’s brass band’s. In 1915 the band finished second to Foden’s at Belle Vue. Later that year, after a strike at Elworth (Foden’s Factory), a dozen players who had been prominent in the picket lines were fired. They promptly moved to Horwich and took great pleasure in beating their old firm in later contests.

The crowning glory of the original Horwich RMI was to win the Crystal Palace Contest on 23rd September 1922, this becoming the “Champions of Great Britain and the Colonies.” Sadly, as a result of the recession and redundancies of employees at the Loco Works, the Band collapsed in 1931 and slipped into musical folk lore.


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EVENTIDE unifies the old and the new

Band Manager​